“The Next Generation Travel and Lifestyle Club”

Le Oràno is an invitation-only and application-based members club community. Through digital tools, it offers unique privileges which previously required manual efforts or complex communication to attain, now accessible at the touch of a button. It will be the desired travel tech tool and trend for the next generation of high-net-worth individuals.


Why Join the Le Oràno Team?

Unprecedented Opportunity: In recent years, due to the impact of COVID-19, many talents in the travel industry left the market, leading to an industry gap. However, the pace of digitization has not stagnated because of the pandemic. High-net-worth individuals increasingly value their time. Many luxury travel and experiences still require extensive manpower to deliver. We have integrated these to offer products instantly, saving time for clients, suppliers, and service providers.


Market Demand: According to surveys, over 84% of high-net-worth Gen Z individuals consider self-identification as “extremely important.” Thus, when they engage in certain communities or use specific branded services, it indirectly represents their taste.


The Right Product: Le Oràno has established an international next-generation exclusive private travel and lifestyle club. It combines unique products, an efficient system, and an enriched brand community. Le Oràno collaborates directly with numerous top boutique brands and hotel groups, ensuring our members receive exclusive and meaningful value-added services worldwide.


Validated Product: Since its inception, Le Oràno has attracted hundreds of high-net-worth individuals to join as members. We consistently attract wealth management targets that many financial institutions wish to reach, with all member median personal incomes reaching six-figure dollars.


Diverse Team: The Le Oràno team comprises experts from various fields. Collective expertise is combined through diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. From financial services to luxury brand marketing, from the hotel industry to aviation, these expertise craft an unparalleled travel tech team.


Company Culture: We maintain professionalism and dedication in our work, and during holidays, we encourage experiencing the world through Le Oràno. Our team enjoys a high-end lifestyle and benefits unparalleled anywhere else. Similarly, through monthly experience sharing and discussions, we foster significant career growth.


Resources and Growth: Le Oràno is a performance-focused tech company. We also offer rewards and promotion opportunities based on performance. The more you achieve for the team and the company, the more the team and you will progress.