17-Day Antarctica Expedition in Style (From Taipei)

Seabourn’s Pursuit 17-day Antarctica expedition from Taipei, starting at US$26,500. The Pursuit, Seabourn’s newest top-tier cruise ship, will embark from Taipei in December 2024 and sail to Ushuaia, Argentina, where passengers will board and begin their journey to uncover the hidden treasures of the world.

Cruise Level: Luxury Cruise
Total Tonnage: 23,000 tons
Launched: August 2023
Recent Refurbishment: N/A
Capacity: 260 passengers
Crew: 220 members

Basic Information

Trip Code SB-20241204-017
Brand Seabourn
Model Pursuit
Departure Taipei (Taiwan)
Trip Date December 4, 2024, Wednesday to December 20, 2024, Friday
Duration 17 Days
Boarding Date & Location December 6, 2024 | Ushuaia (Argentina)
Disembarkation Date & Location: December 16, 2024 | Ushuaia (Argentina)
Trip Cost US$26,000 ~
Average Daily Cost US$1,530 ~
Provider Lion Travel
  • All suites are luxurious ocean-view balcony suites, each featuring a heated drying cabinet for storing expedition gear and a dedicated suite steward to ensure everything is arranged according to your wishes.
  • Each of your expedition experiences is carefully guided by a team of 26 professionals, consisting of wildlife experts, scientists, historians, and naturalists who are passionate about nature. They integrate their enthusiasm for exploration into the design of each journey.
  • In exclusive collaboration with Helly Hansen, during polar expeditions, each guest will receive a custom-made expedition-grade parka and waterproof backpack, a gift specially tailored for your polar journey to keep you comfortable and stylish while exploring the wonders of the polar world.
  • Offering eight different dining experiences, each provides fresh, delicious, and unforgettable meals, comparable in quality to the world’s top restaurants. We are committed to providing an unparalleled culinary experience, even while sailing to the most remote corners of the earth.
  • The cruise ship is equipped with 24 Zodiacs® boats, as well as snorkeling and deep-sea diving gear and bicycles, allowing you to enjoy a variety of adventurous activities at sea or ashore, exploring every enchanting view to your heart’s content.
  • This voyage is provided with full Chinese-speaking tour guide service by Lion Travel.
  • Discount of US$2,000 per person.
  • Each suite’s Wi-Fi Package is upgraded to the Stream Package complementary, which offers unlimited data for four devices (including streaming, internet calling, and support for VPN services).

The last unexplored place on Earth, a mysterious world filled with huge icebergs and a kingdom of penguins.

Antarctica, known as the “White Continent,” was first discovered by humans in 1820. Covering an area of about 14 million square kilometers, approximately 37 times the size of Japan, it is the last untouched natural wonder on Earth. Massive icebergs float in the sea, and towering mountain ranges covered in millennia of snow stand among them. Setting off from South America towards Antarctica, one can experience a magnificent journey through drifting ice and icebergs. Traveling in small Zodiac boats, tourists can observe up close the natural habitat of penguins, seals, whales, and seabirds. Since being opened to general tourists about 40 years ago, only a limited number of visitors are allowed to explore this isolated and boundless “White Continent.”

Antarctic Islands

The Antarctic Islands are located at the southern end of the Drake Passage, separated from the Antarctic Peninsula by the Bransfield Strait. These islands comprise 11 large islands and numerous smaller ones, with a climate that is warmer and rainier. On Half Moon Island, one can see chinstrap penguins, Antarctic terns, and skuas; on Livingston Island, there are emperor penguins, macaroni penguins, walruses, and great skuas; and on Penguin Island, chinstrap penguins, Antarctic sea lions, and walruses. Deception Island, an active volcanic island, experienced a major eruption about 10,000 years ago. The top part of the island collapsed, allowing sea water to flow in, forming a horseshoe-shaped island. The coastal seawater of the island is warmed by geothermal heat.

South Georgia Island

South Georgia Island, located in the South Atlantic near the Antarctic Peninsula, was discovered in 1675 and is shaped like a crescent. The island is home to thousands of penguins and hundreds of large sea lions, seals, and birds, living on its rugged cliffs and shores. At Fortuna Bay, there are king penguins and seals; at Gold Harbour, Antarctic fur seals and walruses; and at Cooper Bay, macaroni penguins and king penguins. Explorer Ernest Shackleton once explored here and established the first whaling station.

South Orkney Islands

The South Orkney Islands are located 1,360 kilometers northeast of the Antarctic Peninsula, mostly covered by thick glaciers and often surrounded by ice packs from the Antarctic Sea in winter. These islands were discovered in 1821 by the American Nathaniel Palmer and the British seal hunter George Powell.

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands, a British territory located in the South Atlantic, consist of over 420 islands, with East Falkland and West Falkland making up the majority of the land. The capital, Stanley, is the most bustling place on the islands. Five species of penguins live here, including king, emperor, rockhopper, macaroni, and Magellanic penguins. There are also albatrosses, fulmars, leopard seals, and sea lions.

Ushuaia (Argentina)

Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, is located at the southern tip of Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego. In summer, it is the starting point for Antarctic cruises, with many cruise ships docking in Ushuaia. In front of the city lies the Beagle Channel, leading to Antarctica. The city has an old train, once used to transport prison construction materials, now known as the “End of the World Train.” There is a museum displaying the history of the indigenous people and the early history of Ushuaia, as well as the “End of the World Post Office” located in the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Antarctic Continent

The northernmost part of the Antarctic continent is the S-shaped Antarctic Peninsula. Compared to the interior of the continent, the climate is warmer and the wildlife is more abundant. The only two flowering plants on the Antarctic continent – Antarctic hair grass and Antarctic pearlwort – are found here. Previously a refuge for whaling ships, now one can still see whale skeletons. Petermann Island is the southern breeding ground for emperor penguins. One of the most beautiful places on the Antarctic Peninsula is Paradise Bay, a tranquil bay surrounded by ice walls and various icebergs. This used to be an ideal stop for whaling ships. Argentina’s General Brown base is located here. The Lemaire Channel, between the Graham Coast of the Antarctic Peninsula and Booth Island, is 11.2 kilometers long and 40 meters wide, and is one of the most scenic straits in the Antarctic Peninsula. Ships slowly pass through the narrow strait, with breathtaking scenery on both sides.

Buenos Aires – The Paris of South America

Buenos Aires is a dazzling jewel of South America, brimming with vibrant culture, a blend of history, beautiful architecture, and a strong romantic atmosphere. This city combines European and Latin American charm. It’s like being in a dream world filled with love and passion. Street performers in Buenos Aires add color to the city. You can admire elegant tango dancers moving through the alleys, adding a romantic touch to the city. Music and rhythm permeate every corner, making it hard to resist the pulsating heartbeats.

Teatro Colón (Columbus Theater)

One of the world’s top three theaters, it features an elegant and dignified architectural style. It is one of the few theaters in the world that produces its own costumes and props. It currently houses ninety thousand costumes, twenty thousand pairs of theatrical shoes, and more than five hundred different set designs. Famous vocalists like Pavarotti and Domingo have performed here.

Avenida 9 de Julio

The most important urban landmark of Buenos Aires, it is the widest avenue in the world, with a total of 18 lanes.

Venice of South America Yacht Cruise

Charter a boat to enter the world’s second-largest delta, known as the “Venice of South America” – the Delta. Explore the vacation destination of Buenos Aires’ aristocracy of the last century and dine in a famous restaurant on one of the islands.

Argentinian Sleepless Night – Tango Dinner Show

In 2009, the United Nations inscribed Argentine tango on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Tango is not only Argentina’s dance but also its culture and pride. Enjoy a brilliant performance at one of the best venues in Buenos Aires, savor the flavorful steaks, and sip on aromatic red wine. A dazzling experience with a lingering taste.

Seabourn Cruise

From its inception as a “private luxury cruise” with the most advanced facilities, it has gradually become known in the market as an “ultra-luxury” cruise, making it a desirable vessel that everyone dreams of boarding. The entertainment and activities on board, as well as the food in the restaurants, are exceptional, and it includes an “all-inclusive” service covering wine, cocktails, and gratuities. What the gentlemen and ladies enjoy is a treasure hunt journey with the world as the stage. Embark on a Seabourn cruise to explore the hidden beauty of the world.

Beyond Luxury: “Super Luxury”

Seabourn was the first to adopt the “all-inclusive”, covering restaurant food, wine and cocktails, onboard entertainment and activities, and gratuities. Forget the hassle of payments and experience higher levels of hospitality and service, akin to a private cruise. That’s “super luxury.”

World-Recognized Ultimate Dining Experience

Mr. Thomas Keller, the first American chef to receive Michelin three stars in multiple restaurants, supervises the food. Additionally, Seabourn is a member of one of the world’s most authoritative gastronomy associations, Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. As a culinary and wine cruise, Seabourn consistently strives to provide the best dining experience for its guests, maintaining traditions while being aware of contemporary trends and challenging new flavors. Enjoy an ultimate dining experience.

All Suites, Luxurious Travel with a Private Cruise Feel

All rooms face the sea and are over 28 square meters, providing spacious private space. These suites are designed for functionality and comfort. The ample walk-in wardrobe is perfect for long cruises. Incredible marble bathtubs and separate showers feature special products customized for Seabourn by Molton Brown, the royal warrant holder from the UK.
 Custom-made mattresses, available in double or single usage, ensure comfortable sleep, complemented by Italian-made sheets, a variety of pillow choices, and thick bathrobes, allowing you to fully relax.

Impressive Entertainment and Activities

Seabourn values the fun of its guests, hosting not only traditional special events but also quickly incorporating new trends. In collaboration with British lyricist and multiple Oscar-winner Tim Rice, Seabourn presents world-class entertainment programs onboard. Enjoy moving performances of globally famous works like “Aladdin,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Lion King,” and “Evita,” all of which Mr. Rice contributed to. “CAVIAR IN THE SURF” is a traditional special event of Seabourn, where guests enjoy champagne and caviar on the beaches of the Caribbean.

Unique Small Ships Offer Fascinating Destinations

SSeabourn’s cruises can visit hidden ports inaccessible to large ships. Explore charming destinations on routes exclusive to small ships. Also, in partnership with UNESCO, Seabourn supports its activities and participates in port tours supervised by UNESCO.

The Restaurant

An open-seating main dining room where you can enjoy authentic cuisine. Please enjoy meals chosen from a menu of rich, fresh ingredients. Seabourn’s proud selection of wines and exquisite service will enhance your dining experience.

The Colonnade

A casual, buffet-style restaurant for breakfast and lunch. In the evening, it quickly transforms into a bistro-style restaurant offering special dishes from around the world. On clear days, you can enjoy a romantic dinner at sunset on the terrace seating.

The Grill by Thomas Keller (Reservation Required)

In collaboration with the renowned celebrity chef Thomas Keller, Seabourn recreates Michelin-starred flavors on board. As the only American to have received Michelin three stars in two restaurants, you can easily enjoy the popular dishes supervised by Mr. Thomas Keller on the cruise.

Sushi in The Club

Dinner sushi prepared by a Japanese chef, along with lunch “bento” offerings, including combinations like ramen and grilled fish. This is a restaurant highly favored by foreign guests who appreciate the true taste of Japan.


*Photos are for reference only. The interior decoration and dining content of the restaurant are subject to the actual offerings.

Day Date Port of Call
Day 1 December 4, 2024 Taipei (Taiwan)
Day 2 December 5, 2024 Buenos Aires (Argentina) – Day At Air
Day 3 December 6, 2024 Ushuaia (Argentina) – Day At Air
Day 4 December 7, 2024 Day At Sea
Day 5 December 8, 2024 Day At Sea
Day 6 December 9, 2024 Antarctic Peninsula (Antarctica)
Day 7 December 10, 2024 Antarctic Peninsula (Antarctica)
Day 8 December 11, 2024 Antarctic Peninsula (Antarctica)
Day 9 December 12, 2024 Antarctic Peninsula (Antarctica)
Day 10 December 13, 2024 Antarctic Peninsula (Antarctica)
Day 11 December 14, 2024 Day At Sea
Day 12 December 15, 2024 Day At Sea
Day 13 December 16, 2024 Buenos Aires (Argentina) – Day At Air
Day 14 December 17, 2024 Buenos Aires (Argentina) – City Sightseeing
Day 15 December 18, 2024 Buenos Aires (Argentina) – City Sightseeing
Day 16 December 19, 2024 Istanbul (Turkey) – Day At Airr
Day 17 December 20, 2024 Taipei (Taiwan)
  • The itinerary, port of call, port arrival/departure times, etc., may change or be cancelled due to weather or other reasons without prior notice.
  • For the complete itinerary (including flight information, hotel accommodation, local tours, etc.), please contact the Le Oràno Customer Service Team.


Type Size Price
Wintergraden Suite (WG) 98 sqm US$53,460
Signature Suite (SS) 130 sqm US$50,250
Owners Suite (OW) 96 sqm US$47,000
Penthouse Suite (PH) 49 sqm US$36,060
Panorama Veranda Suite (VP) 39 sqm US$32,850
Veranda Suite (V4) 33 sqm US$29,615
Veranda Suite (V3) 33 sqm US$28,700
Veranda Suite (V2) 33 sqm SOLD OUT
Veranda Suite (V1) 33 sqm SOLD OUT


  • The itinerary, port of call, port arrival/departure times, etc., may change or be canceled due to weather or other reasons without prior notice.
  • The above prices are per passenger for double occupancy. Single occupancy will require a separate quote.
  • For the complete itinerary (including flight information, hotel accommodation, local tours, etc.), please contact the Le Oràno Customer Service Team.


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