Top Picks for Lunar New Year Staycation in Hong Kong and Taipei

Embrace a Tranquil Lunar New Year with These Staycation Options in Hong Kong and Taipei.

As the Lunar New Year festivities approach, it’s the ideal time to lock in your celebration plans. This holiday holds great importance in both Hong Kong and Taipei, inviting a majestic celebration of the Year of the Dragon.

If you’re looking to avoid the holiday travel surge, a staycation emerges as a captivating alternative. Hong Kong offers exclusive views of spectacular fireworks, while Taipei promises unique experiences and sumptuous dining options. Here are the Lunar New Year staycation packages that are a must in these dynamic cities.

Before you overlook this option, consider what’s on offer. Hong Kong’s premier hotels and Taipei’s luxury accommodations are unveiling enticing staycation deals for the season. The extended holiday period need not equate to braving the crowds. Whether you’re after some tranquility before or after your festive meals, or you desire a lavish escape without the complexities of travel, a staycation could be your perfect solution. Enjoy unparalleled hospitality and gourmet delights that can compete with the finest dining establishments, all within the comfort of your city.

While Hong Kong dazzles with its firework displays, Taipei offers its own array of festive joys, ensuring a memorable celebration for everyone. Many packages are thoughtfully designed for families and children, making for a joyous holiday experience. Seize these festive opportunities and book your Lunar New Year staycation in Hong Kong for an exclusive fireworks spectacle, or Taipei for unique local celebrations, ensuring a peaceful holiday experience.

Regent Taipei

Regent Taipei stands as an emblem of luxury in the heart of the city, offering an oasis of comfort and elegance. The hotel is known for its exceptional service and exquisite dining options that celebrate the richness of Taiwanese culture. Guests can expect a blend of traditional festivities and modern luxury, making their Lunar New Year celebration truly memorable in this urban retreat.

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Grand Hyatt Taipei

Situated near the iconic Taipei 101, Grand Hyatt Taipei is the perfect backdrop for a festive Lunar New Year getaway. The hotel is likely to offer special packages that include sumptuous dining experiences, luxurious spa treatments, and beautifully appointed rooms with breathtaking views. Guests can immerse themselves in the vibrant celebrations while enjoying the unparalleled hospitality that Grand Hyatt is known for.

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Regent Hong Kong

Celebrate the Lunar New Year at Regent Hong Kong, where luxury meets tradition amidst the stunning Victoria Harbour. The hotel’s Grand Celebration package, perfect for marking the festive season, includes a lavish buffet breakfast and a generous dining credit. Guests can indulge in gourmet experiences at acclaimed restaurants like the MICHELIN-starred Lai Ching Heen. With exclusive access to the Regent Club for suite guests, the hotel promises an unforgettable holiday filled with opulence and bespoke services​​.

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Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong promises a spectacular Lunar New Year celebration with its prime location overlooking the Victoria Harbour. Guests can enjoy festive feasts, special amenities, and possibly themed decorations to ring in the New Year with a touch of grandeur. The hotel’s renowned service and luxurious accommodations provide a haven of relaxation amidst the city’s festive buzz.

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The Murray, Hong Kong

The Murray, Hong Kong, a Niccolo Hotel, offers a contemporary sanctuary for guests celebrating the Lunar New Year. With its modern elegance and strategic location, the hotel provides a unique blend of tradition and innovation. Guests can enjoy specially curated dining experiences, exclusive holiday packages, and the impeccable service for which The Murray is renowned, making it an ideal choice for welcoming prosperity and joy in the New Year.

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