VIP Airport Fast Track: Luxury Travel in Style

Every journey comes with its own special memories, whether it’s running through a vast airport to catch a boarding gate, being delayed for hours due to long immigration queues, or frantically filling out numerous forms upon disembarking and then struggling to locate your checked baggage. Have you ever thought that one day all of this could become effortless and leisurely? Imagine gracefully appearing at the airport, where a VIP concierge greets you and takes care of everything like a personal assistant.

Le Orano offers VIP fast-track and concierge services at multiple airports, providing you with the most prestigious VIP treatment and creating a hassle-free immigration experience. Our dedicated staff will handle all the tedious procedures for you, from immigration formalities to assisting with baggage check-in and retrieval. With exceptional efficiency, we swiftly navigate the immigration process, saving you valuable time and ensuring a relaxed and dignified airport experience.

Our VIP fast-track and concierge service includes personalized assistance for immigration procedures, customs checks, document verification, and security screenings, all through exclusive channels. We enhance privacy and security with dedicated X-ray machines and security gates, allowing you to breeze through the security gate and have your passport checked at the exclusive immigration counter. Our staff will assist you with checked baggage, eliminating the need to queue at the airline’s check-in counter. Enjoy a seamless immigration process without the hassle of crowded queues.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) offers an exclusive VIP terminal with VIP fast-track and concierge services, providing a dedicated VIP lounge and several private suites of various sizes. The lounge offers comfortable seating, wireless internet, entertainment facilities, fitness equipment, as well as private meeting rooms and shower facilities, allowing travelers to relax and work in a comfortable environment, relieving both physical and mental fatigue. The VIP concierge service also includes delightful culinary offerings, with a wide range of freshly prepared meals to satisfy travelers’ taste buds. The renowned beef noodles, loved by domestic and international VIPs, are not to be missed. After a brief rest during a busy journey, VIPs are escorted directly to the duty-free shops and boarding gates by dedicated golf carts driven by chauffeurs, saving both energy and time with exclusive and prestigious service.

Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) – International Flight
Photo Credit: Solomon203/Wikimedia Commons

Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) offers a dedicated international terminal, providing efficient VIP fast-track and concierge services tailored for business and leisure travelers who wish to save valuable time. Upon arrival, a dedicated reception officer will assist you with seamless check-in procedures, including smooth immigration clearance and assistance with baggage check-in. During your waiting time, you can enjoy the VIP lounge services, offering premium resting spaces, fitness facilities, and shower amenities to rejuvenate during your journey. The airport also provides versatile business meeting rooms for busy professionals to conduct meetings or cater to other business needs. Within the lounge, you can indulge in delectable light snacks and enjoy complimentary beverages at the Lounge Bar, creating a relaxed and leisurely atmosphere to savor while waiting for your boarding time, making your waiting experience a delightful and tranquil one.

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)
Photo Credit: Matteo Morando/Wikimedia Commons 

Singapore Changi Airport offers VIP fast-track and concierge services to provide travelers with the ultimate luxury travel experience. Upon arrival at the airport, professional concierge officers warmly welcome guests and arrange private chauffeured vehicles to transport them to the exclusive CIP terminal. Guests will be escorted to the luxurious Business Center VIP Lounge, where they can enjoy personalized five-star concierge services. 

The VIP fast-track service provides dedicated security screening lanes, allowing guests to bypass queues and undergo the screening process quickly. The concierge also assists with passport and other related procedures. Additionally, guests will be chauffeured to the duty-free shops for shopping and facilitated with tax refund assistance. In addition to these offerings, guests have the option to purchase private chauffeur services for transportation to the city, enhancing the overall top-tier travel experience.

The Business Center VIP Lounge offers versatile meeting rooms for business activities, while the Lounge provides a wide selection of newspapers and magazines for reading and relaxation. Guests can also indulge in exquisite cocktail drinks and enjoy a variety of Western and Asian-style light refreshments, creating a comfortable and prestigious resting space. Experience a comfortable, convenient, and luxurious travel journey at Singapore Changi Airport. Whether for business or leisure, indulge in this unparalleled VIP service.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Upon arrival at the airport, dedicated concierge personnel will be waiting outside the aircraft gate to greet you and escort you to the exclusive VIP terminal in a private concierge vehicle. They will cater to your various needs and ensure a seamless experience. From immigration and customs procedures to handling business and personal matters, professional staff will be there to assist you at every stage, providing personalized attention to your requirements. A dedicated agent will handle your boarding arrangements, including clearance and baggage handling. In addition, they will assist you with a private screening conducted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), streamlining the boarding process and significantly reducing clearance times. With VIP fast-track service, entering the United States will no longer be a daunting and cumbersome task.

If you need to wait or rest, the independent VIP terminal offers exclusive lounges that provide a comfortable and relaxing environment. Beautifully designed indoor and outdoor resting areas feature lounges, spa facilities, entertainment options, and shower facilities. A specialized team will provide meticulous service, ensuring your utmost comfort. Here, you can enjoy exquisite cuisine and beverages prepared by a chef, eliminating concerns about thirst and hunger during long-haul flights. You can also politely request assistance in obtaining your preferred meals to take on board. With these thoughtful services, you can feel at ease and comfortable, as if you were at home, even when traveling abroad.

London Heathrow Airport (LHR)
Photo Credit: Heathrow Airport VIP Services

Inside the VIP terminal, you will find exclusive lounges that provide a luxurious resting environment. You can enjoy exquisite meals and beverages designed by Michelin-starred chefs and browse through the selection of newspapers and magazines provided in the lounge. The airport’s transfer service will safely and comfortably escort you from the VIP terminal to the duty-free shops and boarding gates. This creates a comfortable and relaxing experience, allowing you to unwind during your journey.


The following airports can all be booked for VIP airport fast-track services through Le Orano:

  • Taipei Taoyuan TPE 
  • Taipei Songshan TSA 
  • Los Angeles LAX 
  • Lisbon LIS 
  • London Heathrow LHR 
  • Singapore Changi SIN 
  • Dublin DUB 
  • Keflavik, Iceland KEF 
  • Oslo OSL 
  • Helsinki, Finland HEL 
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle CDG 
  • Nice Cote d’Azur NCE 
  • Madrid MAD 
  • Amsterdam AMS 
  • Frankfurt FRA 
  • Zurich ZRH 
  • Dubai DXB 
  • Vienna VIE 
  • Prague PRG 
  • Tallinn, Estonia TLL 
  • Bucharest OTP 
  • Athens ATH 
  • Tel Aviv TLV
  • Manchester MAN 
  • Milan MXP 
  • Abu Dhabi AUH 
  • Munich MUC
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