Frequently Asked Questions

Le Oràno is the next-generation private travel and lifestyle club. We’ve partnered up with some of the best places around the world, both online and offline, to give our community members some really cool benefits. This includes top-notch entertainment, travel deals, and shopping offers. To get in, you’d either need an invite or you can apply. Once you’re in, you get access to all these special perks.

To become a potential Le Oràno Member, you’ll need to apply through our app. Just fill out the essential details about yourself so we can gauge if you’re a good match for our community. We review every application as a whole, ensuring that no single section overly influences our decision.


Active Participation: We’re on the lookout for folks who’ll really dive into our community. The kind of people who’ll actively engage with and make the most of our top-tier partners across various benefit sectors. Details like your income can give us a hint if you’re likely to truly enjoy and use the perks we offer.


Contribution to Our Community: We value the essence of community at Le Oràno. Your bio, hobbies, and interests give us insights into how you might mesh with and enrich our already diverse group. Will you spark engaging conversations at our events? Would you vibe well with our current members?


A Little Tip: Don’t skip the “Additional information” part when applying. It’s your chance to tell us why you’d be an awesome fit for our community!

The annual fee for Le Oràno Club membership stands at $300. By becoming a member, you’ll gain immediate and unrestricted access to all we offer: from exclusive events and benefits to our members-only mobile app available for both iPhone and Android. Plus, don’t forget your digital Le Oràno Membership Card, your key to a world of exclusivity.

Dive into the specifics of our benefits on our platform or get a glimpse of our top categories here:

  • Travel & Luxury Hotels: Elevate your stays with the Le Oràno touch. You’ll find savings averaging $150/night. Our partnered brands read like a luxury directory: Hyatt, W Hotels, AMAN, Standard, and many more. Book via our app using the “Le Oràno Prestige Rate” and indulge in VIP perks – think complimentary breakfasts, dining credits, and potential room upgrades.


  • Lifestyle & Retail Privileges: Whether it’s a rejuvenating spa day or a shopping spree, we’ve got exclusive deals for you. Enjoy coveted brands at enticing prices, with standout names like Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, South Coast Plaza, and more offering extra perks for our members.


  • Exclusive Experiences: Every city and destination becomes even more vibrant with Le Oràno’s handpicked experiences. Want that sought-after reservation? We’ve got you. Enjoy VIP benefits, special pricing, and unique benefits wherever you go.


  • Le Oràno Events: From intimate private dinners to grand yacht cruises, your social calendar is about to get a serious upgrade. Mingle at our signature events – be it Paris Fashion Week, Taipei International Fine Wine Expo, or the Emmys Pre Party.


  • Digital Events: Kickstart your week with soothing yoga, or join in on our exclusive webinars with industry pioneers. Learn cocktail-making from experts, enjoy fitness sessions, and much more, all from the comfort of your home.

Join us at Le Oràno and redefine your luxury experience.

To embark on your journey with Le Oràno, simply submit your application through our app. Once we’ve reviewed your submission, we’ll reach out via email. If you’re among the chosen few, this email will contain all the essentials to activate your membership. If you find yourself on the waitlist, you’ll be informed and given an opportunity to reapply in the future.

A tip to enhance your chances: while it’s not mandatory, having a referral nomination code from an existing Le Oràno Member or Partner can tilt the scales in your favor. So, if you have connections within our community, it might be beneficial to seek a nomination.

Le Oràno is currently collaborating with local credit card companies and banks in specific markets. Eligible members will have the opportunity to receive priority invitations to apply for these cards, and in doing so, they can also enjoy additional consumer privileges.

At present, the Le Oràno membership status and digital membership card do not possess credit or debit card payment functionalities. However, as a travel platform tool within the App, it means you can use any of your favorite credit cards (including but not limited to American Express) for hotel and itinerary bookings, allowing you to accumulate benefits from your preferred card.

Upon approval, your credit card will handle the $300 yearly Membership fee (or the indicated membership amount). Rest assured, there’ll be no charges if your application isn’t successful.

Given the volume of applications we receive and the individual attention each one gets, this process helps us confirm the dedication of potential members who genuinely wish to join upon acceptance.

Your provided details are exclusively reviewed by Le Oràno’s Membership Selection Team to assess your compatibility with our Community. Rest assured, your data remains confidential, never being disclosed to outside parties, and is protected with cutting-edge online security measures.

Previously, Le Oràno membership was exclusive to those 21 and above. Now, we’ve opened our doors to individuals aged 18 and up. However, keep in mind that some local perks, like complimentary drinks, require members to be at least 21.

For younger applicants who are still carving out their career paths, we advise emphasizing your passions, interests, and standout accomplishments in the application’s additional information section. And, as always, a nod from an existing Member can significantly influence your application.

Le Oràno’s perks span worldwide. Notably, our Le Oràno Luxury Hotels, a fan favorite, boasts special VIP benifits at over 1,900 hotel and resorts globally, and most of our lifestyle, travel, and business benefits also have national or international coverage.

While we have a handpicked network of Partners offering the finest in dining, nightlife, entertainment, and events in cities like Los Angeles and Taipei, we’re continually expanding to new urban landscapes.

Our inclusion of more markets for these benefits is quickly progressing, driven by market interest and feedback from our current Members.